Hannah Bradsworth

Rawcus Ensemble

I am into performing arts. I am an ensemble member of Rawcus Theatre. I joined in 2012. I have gained experience by doing workshops and masterclasses. My highlight is Catalogue it reminds me of the duet with Mike in Cross my Heart and makes me feel like I am drifting. I am also a hip hopper. I do hip hop at North Melbourne, Kensington. I have made and starred in the short film, Confessions of a Dancer.

Click her for a video portrait of Hannah

Rawcus productionsCatalogue (2015), Song for a Weary Throat (2017 & 2018)

Rawcus Public Program Projects: Imagine Me There (2012), Singular (2014), By You Me and the Light (2015), I Am ( 2015), Portraits (2015), Cross my Heart (and hope) (2016), (it’s no) drama (2016), In Our Shoes (2016), Encounters (2018), Symphonic Sites (2018), Becoming (2018)