Prue Stevenson

Rawcus Ensemble

Prue Stevenson is an artist who explores autistic pleasures, necessities and culture through repetitive and tactile processes that allow for experiences of sensory play, creating spaces and opportunities for downtime. Working with media including oil, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, installation and performance, Stevenson advocates for the identity, empowerment and sensory awareness of the autistic community. She intersects and collides against preconditioned stigmas and their resultant systematic oppression. Stevenson aims to celebrate and progress autistic culture for autistics, while creating experiences that are more broadly accessible.

Stevenson is a practicing fine artist, having completed both a Bachelor of Fine Art (Expanded Studio Practice) and Master of Fine Art (by practice) at RMIT. She is an autistic consultant with AMAZE (, works as an associate with GSA (Get Skilled Access), and is also an ensemble member of Rawcus Theatre Group (, a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, the singer of Ice Cream in a Mug (, and founder of the “Stim Your Heart Out” Project ( Stevenson has exhibited and performed artworks nationally, most notably at the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art in 2018 and 2019, where you can view her “Don’t Fear the Meltdown” article, “Expend” Video and Artist Talk on their website (

Prue features in the Attitude Foundation “Perspective Shift” SBS OnDemand TV Series (, created to change attitudes toward disability in Australia by sharing the lived experiences of people with disabilities, as told by them. Secondary teachers can access a Study Guide for the series, developed in partnership with Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) (

She also appears on the Dylan Alcott “ListenAble” Podcast Series (, and her lived experience research and ideas are documented in her IDEA Journal Vol. 17.2 (2020) article, “‘Stim Your Heart Out’ and ‘Syndrome Rebel’ (Performance Artworks, Autism Advocacy and Mental Health)” (


Most recent projects include: “Neural Perspective” Mural, from City of Melbourne “Flash Forward” Laneways Exhibition ; “Portal” Installation at Science Gallery Melbourne “MENTAL”, Exhibition / Workshop / Artist Talk ; and, “Fiddle, Twiddle & Tune” performance artwork, currently being developed under the Kickstart / Next Wave program .