Glass is an audacious new work by the award winning Rawcus Ensemble and and internationally renowned movement theatre maker and choreographer Marc Brew. Glass explores ideas around who has the right to be on stage and in what context. It’s a work about glass ceilings- those imposed by others and those imposed by ourselves. Delving into dynamics of power, restriction, resilience, ambition and virtuosity this new work interrogates invisible boundaries and barriers and associated notions of success. Cultural norms are being challenged throughout our community and we are being asked to rethink paradigms and ways of relating to one another as well questioning systemic boundaries. The work is created and performed by the fifteen diverse members of the Rawcus Ensemble who have much to offer to this conversation. The work also speaks to the notion of disability porn, a term coined by the late disability activist Stella Young, which describes the portrayal of people with disability as inspirational solely or in part on the basis of their disability.

Edges, barriers and boundaries are interrogated in Glass both through content and design. Fifteen diverse bodies and individuals perform in a constantly evolving performance space, supported by an immersive sound created by Jethro Woodward. The playing space continually shifts in size both width and height, defined and demarcated by the exquisite lighting of Richard Vabre and sculptural costumes of Emily Barrie. At times all fifteen crammed bodies negotiate each other in a tiny space, in other moments they inhabit a large area filled with expansive movement. Glass is an invitation to redefine success, limitations, and virtuosity in performance. Combining moments of vulnerability and humour, the everyday and the epic, Glass will be highly physical, sculptural, unexpected, beautiful, funny and tender.

Glass is a collaboration between the Rawcus Ensemble and disabled choreographer and maker Marc Brew.  Marc is currently the Artistic Director of AXIS dance, one of US’s most prominent inclusive dance companies. Marc’s work is renowned for its tender, precise choreographic material that exemplifies the beauty of the moments shared between people, revealing the unusual in the everyday. Glass has been created through stages of development. Stage one was an intensive in Melbourne at the Temperance Hall with an industry showing March 2018, Stage 2 was undertaken in San Francisco in May this year (this was Rawcus’ international debut and included a showing of the work at the Pomeroy Centre), Stage 3 will take place at the Temperance Hall in Melbourne December 2019 where our Associate Artists Richard Vabre (lighting), Emily Barrie (Designer) and Jethro Woodward (Composer and Sound Designer) will work with Marc and the Ensemble to prepare the work for its’ world premiere in 2020.

Click here to watch a video about Rawcus & Marc Brew.