One Night Only


One performer, one night only. 

 82 minutes to leave a legacy. 

 One Night Only explores key moments within our lives such as: birth, parents, childhood, pets, love, heartbreak, sex, children, aging and death. 

 Performed by a different person playing the protagonist every night, One Night Only is a performance that playfully provokes the protagonist to consider what it means to be human, both on a deeply personal and universal level, in a bold ‘one night only’ unrepeatable performance.  

 The protagonist is supported by members of the Rawcus Ensemble guiding them throughout. 

 Key Artists 

Produced by Bureau of Works 

Direction and Original Concept by Jackson Castiglione 

Dramaturgy by Kate Sulan  

Devised and Performed by Rawcus Ensemble members: 

Rachel Edward, Kerryn Poke, Paul Mately, Harriet Devlin, Josh Lyndzaat, Clem Baade 


Funders & Supporters 

Arts House