In 2019, Rawcus launched our new public program called Experience. Funded by the City of Port Phillip, this program aims to engage more deeply with local independent artists living and/or working in the City of Port Phillip and will be rolled out over three years.

On 11 November 2019, Rawcus hosted over 20 local artists at a pop-up dining experience at Temperance Hall to get to know each other… Rawcus-style. While enjoying delicious food made by local caterers, Mabu Mabu, the Rawcus Ensemble met and shared big questions, blessings, advice and, of course, a meal with theatre directors, performers, percussionists, photographers, visual artists, art therapists, facilitators, advocates and choreographers (the list goes on!) living and/or working in the City of Port Phillip.

Rawcus is very excited to be part of such a vibrant artistic community in the City of Port Phillip and we look forward to this ongoing artistic conversation with other local artists into 2020 and beyond.