Song for a Weary Throat

“an electric and unforgettable hour of theatre.”

Theatre people



What is it that propels us to get up after loss, after heartbreak, after failure?

Fifteen performers surface from the aftermath, the wake of a disaster, in the haunting Song for a Weary Throat, as live music from the critically-acclaimed contemporary vocalists Invenio Singers meets the exquisite image making and uninhibited physicality of the Rawcus Ensemble.

Set in an abandoned dance hall, Song for a Weary Throat follows a logic that is emotional rather than linear. Dangerously beautiful, irresistibly tender and filled with fragility, Song For a Weary Throat reminds us that hope is never out of reach.

Song for a Weary Throat premiered at Theatre Works in December 2017.

Song for a Weary Throat has been nominated for 4 Green Room Awards (Independent Theatre). We have been nominated for Production, Ensemble, Direction, Music Composition and Sound Design.

The Creative Team

Director                                   Kate Sulan

Designer                                 Emily Barrie

Lighting Designer                Richard Vabre

Sound Designer                    Jethro Woodward

Director of Invenios             Gian Slater

Devised and performed by the Rawcus Ensemble

Singers      Gian Slater, Josh Kyle and Louisa Rankin