New Collaborations

The ensemble are back in the rehearsal room with two new collaborators: our new Co-Artistic Directors, Katrina Cornwell and Morgan Rose.

As always, we meet on Wednesday mornings to create on the floor as an ensemble. We are learning and exploring and growing together.

Here some pics of us cooking up some new wild ideas!

And here are some things we explored:

  • Questions you ask someone in order to really know them: How do you talk to your mother? What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream? Are you a cat person or a dog person? How do you make me feel? Can you make me laugh? What’s it like in your shoes? What’s your story?
  • Things we want to happen in our next show: a drum solo, a group of people walking towards the audience, melodrama!, mime, singing, dancing, a duet, prolonged eye contact with the audience, stand-up comedy, a dream sequence that has nothing to do with the storyline, dinosaurs, gold.
  • The beginning of a show should feel: almost imperceptible, slow, melodramatic, like belonging, like an explosion, like a mistake, like a series of unfortunate events, careful, flashing, abrupt, captivating.
  • There were also: bird impressions, ABBA, circles, lines, clumps, chaos, caution and risk, some failure, some success, and lots of dancing of course.

We’ll be back together next Wednesday for more…