Rawcus + Western Edge

In August this year Rawcus & Western Edge came together for a Creative Practice and Organisational Exchange.

Born out of mutual respect for and interest in each other’s work, the exchange saw creatives, ensembles, managers, directors and even board members come together to play, be curious, ask really good questions, and share a meal.

In the Creative Practice Exchange we discussed our rituals, our ethos and took turns leading our favourite performance exercises.

In the Organisational Exchange we asked and answered burning questions about inclusivity, assumptions, tokenism and power structures.

The Rawcus Ensemble loved building new connections and exploring new creative possibilities. Here are some of the feedback.

β€œI felt very comfortable, very quickly, and safe. It was exciting to meet new people and be in space together. There was a strong sense of humour and it felt light and lovely.”

β€œIt was really, really fun. I was excited about the opportunity for both companies to come together. It proved that we can build a big safe community.”

Check out the video below shot and edited by Brett Walker or the images to the right by Pia Johnson!