Photo Exhibition: All the Rage

A high fashion garbage dump photo exhibition.

Rawcus teams up with Fast Fashun Collective and photographer Pia Johnson to reimagine and repurpose used garments into a new artwork about waste, clothing, and bodies. All the Rage promotes and celebrates sustainable fashion while simultaneously challenging who gets to be considered ‘fashionable’. Members of the Rawcus Ensemble and a group of fashion forward Seniors created their ultimate high fashion looks and undertook a guerilla photoshoot throughout the west. The resulting images are fierce, sexy, unexpected and on display in a laneway in the heart of Footscray.

This project is supported through the Maribyrnong City Council Community Grants Program.
In partnership with Yarraville Community Centre.

When: 28 June – 26 July
Where: 40 Leeds St., Footscray
Cost: Free