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[The Music] Catalogue – Arts House

12/03/2015 Suzanne Truman


The 2015 Dance Massive festival continues to question traditional conceptions of dance and those who may identify as a dancer with Catalogue, the latest work by mixed ability ensemble Rawcus.

Catalogue is a multidisciplinary work that communicates both the uniqueness of the individual stories and moments that connect us all, such as the desire to express ourselves, dance to our favourite song and belt out John Farnham. The work begins with an extensive blackout where the performers describe their fantasy moments and ideal ways to be perceived by others. The lights then reveal eight black boxes which are used to stage snapshots of individual stories of glory, strength and fear. The performers present moments – accepting an Oscar, winning a wrestling match and standing up to a bully teacher, for example – with simplicity and honesty. Group sequences are woven through the work such as a moving segment that reveals shared and singular likes, dislikes and traits of the performers. Pedestrian movements like running and jumping are explored alongside choreographed sections.

As the show continues to return from group and paired sequences to individual monologues and songs, the pace is drawn out and the experience is meditative. The charm of the performers and the surprise of unexpected rhythms in movement and sound sequences create moments of humour and curiosity.

Meat Market, Arts House to 14 Mar

Pic by Sarah Walker.

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Tue 10 – Sat 14 March
Arts House, Meat Market