Dear Friends of Rawcus and the greater performing arts community, 

We want to take opportunity to inform the Rawcus community about our actions and key areas of focus concerning Coronavirus COVID-19. 


With closures across a variety of Government, private and education institutions it’s important that Rawcus, and the greater arts fraternity, takes action. Unfortunately, unprecedented events require unprecedented responses. 

Our priority – one we always proudly stand by – is the health and safety of the entire Rawcus community. To achieve this, we will be evaluating our current program schedule and making some difficult decisions on our participation and taking appropriate actions to postpone any applicable events. We’re confident that these measures will help reduce the risk of accidental exposure to the virus, and provide our people, our performers, and our audiences, with the peace of mind we all deserve. In addition, Rawcus will be adopting rigorous personal hygiene behaviours and risk-mitigation strategies recommended by health officials.


As a leading arts organisation our belief in putting our people first remains unchanged: a belief that the health and wellbeing of our talented ensemble, our dedicated staff, casual team, creative partners, passionate volunteers and amazing supporters must always come first. 


People and creating positive experiences for people are core to the Rawcus mission, therefore, ensuring the safety of our community is paramount. We will keep you informed with any updates to the Rawcus program and upcoming opportunities