Another Lament

“Another Lament is beautiful and beguiling theatre buoyed by the rigorous conception and concentrated presence that distinguishes Rawcus’s work.”  The Age 2012 [full review]

A co production by Chamber Made Opera and Rawcus as part of the living room opera series

Purcell, the 17th century English composer, died at the tender age of 35 (or 36 depending on who you ask). Mystery surrounds his death: some believe he died of exposure after returning from the theatre one night only to find that he’d been locked out by his wife. Others think is was tuberculosis, or something more sinister.

Another Lament investigates the tragedy of Purcell’s music and his untimely demise. Performers from Rawcus are joined by a solo instrument: Danish bass player and chanteuse Ida Duelund Hansen.

“Immaculately choreographed tableaux vivants” Real Time [full review]

“There’s a brilliantly impish wit bubbling under the surface of this remarkable little opus that is neither ostentatious nor self conscious” Chris Boyd, The Australian [full review]

Premiered in December 2010 in a living room in Armadale

6-10 June 2012, Beckett Theatre, Malthouse

Directed by Kate Sulan
Assistant Director Nilgun Guven
Performed by Rawcus

Composition and musical performance, Ida Duelund Hansen (Voice, Double Bass)

Costume Design Emily Barrie
Lighting Design Richard Vabre
Sound Design Jethro Woodward

Rawcus Ensemble
Clement Baade, Rachel Edward, Nilgun Guven, Mike McEvoy, Ryan New

photographer:Paul Dunn