Presented by Arts House and Rawcus

Through acts of shameless abandon, Rawcus shares fantasies and vulnerabilities in a theatrical cabinet of curiosities. From karaoke to bedroom dancing and imagined celebrity, 12 performers grace eight stages, side-by-side in a tableau that becomes an exhibition of human expression.

With the audience empowered to watch all ‘channels’ at once, Catalogue is a triumph of composition, a portrait of a world where viewpoints and aesthetics are as diverse and complex as the bodies and personalities that make them. An imperfect catalogue of humanity, the work is an orchestration of private, public and performed selves.

Director & Rawcus Artistic Director: Kate Sulan
Co-Director: Ingrid Voorendt
Devised & Performed by the Rawcus Ensemble: Steven Ajzenburg, Clem Baade, Hannah Bradsworth, Michael Buxton, Nilgun Guven, Rachel Edward, Mike McEvoy, Ryan New, Kerryn Poke, Louise Riisik, John Tonso, Danielle von der Borch
Designer: Emily Barrie
Composer & Sound Designer: Jethro Woodward
Lighting Designer: Richard Vabre
Dramaturge: Mike McEvoy
Production Manager: Rose Connors Dance
Consultant Producer: Alison Halit
Projection Designer: Rhian Hinkley

Image: Rhian Hinkley