Here We Are Amongst You

“a reminder of the power and preciousness of coming together” Theatre Thoughts

 June 29th-July 10th 2022

Arts House


The Rawcus ensemble perform a joyous celebration of exuberance and connection. 

Here We Are Amongst You is a secular prayer for our times. It is a raw and exuberant gathering hosted by the renowned Rawcus ensemble.

The work is performed in the round, as performers move in all directions to create encounters that are different from every perspective. No two audience members will share the same experience, but everyone will be part of the warmth and welcome that underscores the work. 

This is artistic director Kate Sulan’s final show with Rawcus in which you can witness the Rawcus ensemble’s unique practice, in which many individuals contribute choreography to spellbinding effect. 

Here We Are Amongst You is an invitation to celebrate connection, belonging, and being together.  

Experience this rich and restorative world, as fleeting as it is resonant.

Devised and Performed by the Rawcus Ensemble: Clem Baade, Michael Buxton, Harriet Devlin, Rachel Edward, Nilgun Guven, Joshua Lynzaat, Paul Matley, Mike Mc Evoy, Ryan New, Kerryn Poke, Louise Riisik, Prue Stevenson, Danielle von der Borsch

Director: Kate Sulan
Designer: Emily Barrie
Composer/Sound Designer: Jethro Woodward
Lighting Designer: Richard Vabre
Co-devisor/Dramaturge: Ingrid Voorendt
Stage Manager: Jess Keepence
Production Manager: Alana Hoggart
Executive Producer: Jacque Robinson

Supported by:
Rawcus receives organisational support from the Victorian State Governments Creative Victoria’s Creative Enterprise Program, The City of Port Phillip’s Key Arts Organisation Program and the Shulu Foundation.  Here We Are Amongst You has been supported by the Commonwealth Government RISE program, The Australia Council for the Arts, the State Trustees Foundation, the Besen Family Foundation and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.
Images Sarah Walker and Pia Johnson