“Hunger is a triumph, a theatrical work of courage and vision. And between sound designer Jethro Woodward and the six participants from the MSO, it has music to match.” The Age [full review]

Collaboration with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Arts House, Meat Market, Melbourne International Arts Festival, October 2007

Devised by Rawcus with musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Hunger was inspired by our experiences of love – whether lived, longed for, dreamed about, fabricated, suffered or rejoiced in. In developing the work, performers mined their personal experiences offering text, movement, images and music. Hunger is a collation of these responses.

This project brought together two companies from vastly different performance traditions and rehearsal processes. It was a remarkable and surprising collaboration marked by the generosity, faith, sense of humour and skill of the musicians as they collided with the honesty, rawness and unpredictability of Rawcus.

Director Kate Sulan
Set and Costume Designer/Co-Creator Emily Barrie
Musical Director/Sound Designer Jethro Woodward
Co-musical Director Gillian Howell
Lighting Designer Richard Vabre
Film Designer Nicholas Verso
Dramaturge/choreographer Ingrid Voorendt
Production Manager Tenth Street Group

Rawcus ensemble

Steven Ajzenberg, Clement Baade, Ray Drew, Rachel Edward, Nilgun Guven, Valerie Hawkes, Paul Mately, Mike Mc Evoy, Kelly Papas, Kerryn Poke, Louise Riisik, John Tonso

MSO musicians

Rachel Atkinson (cello), Sonia Baldock (violin), Stephen Fitzgerald (percussion), Craig Hill (clarinet), Cindy Watkin (viola)

photographer:Paul Dunn

2008 Classical Music Awards
Australian Music in Education
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
2007 Green Room Nominations
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Sound Design and Music
Outstanding Costume Design