Side Show

“Rawcus provides a tangible joy to the actors…To the audience it offers a chance to engage with a vibrant creative side of life with disabilities”. The Age [full review]

North Melbourne Town Hall, Next Wave Festival

May 2004

Devised by Rawcus

Inspired by Angela Carter’s novel Nights at the Circus, Sideshow explored difference, celebrity and deformity. A woman with wings, a restless hunchback, a circus in tatters; a haunting journey into the world of the outsider.

April 2004 Theatreworks, an excerpt of the work in development
Dec 2004 North Melbourne Town Hall, Next Wave Festival
May 2006 ArtPlay, performances for school children

Director Kate Sulan
Design Emily Barrie
Lighting Design Richard Vabre
Sound Design Jethro Woodward
Dramaturg/Video Chris Kohn
Production Manager Murray Dempsey

photographer: Paul Dunn

Rawcus ensemble

Steven Ajzenberg, Clement Baade, Kellyann Bently, Ray Drew, Rachel Edward, Nilgun Guven, Valerie Hawkes, Nick Pappas, Kerryn Poke, Louise Riisik, Dan Tobias, John Tonso