Enlivening people, places and perceptions.

The Public Program is a curated program with offerings that are created through on-going conversations between the Rawcus Ensemble and diverse range of artists and communities. This program is responsive to time and place, and is expansive and varied in form, scale, timeframe and audience.

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The Engagement Program is where we connect with the sector and our creative peers to build capacity, share skills and create development opportunities and career pathways for diverse artists. Programming includes participation in sector gatherings and exchanges, presentations, teaching and master classes. We support student placements, internships and work experience. Mentorships happen both with individual artists and other companies.

Rawcus is committed to being a Child Safe Organisation.  We create a safe environment where all families, young people and children involved in our Ensemble and Public Program feel welcome and can achieve their full potential with a zero tolerance of child abuse.

Rawcus’ Child Safety commitment includes the cultural safety for Aboriginal children and young people, cultural safety for children and young people from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to providing a safe environment for children and young people with a disability.