A Resourceful Hero

Rawcus united with a group of queer and allied young people to explode the word ‘hero’ into a thousand pieces and save you from it [epic music]. Using verbatim text from 90s action films, A Resourceful Hero Struggling Against Incredible Odds was a simultaneous homage to and lambasting of Hollywood blockbusters. [gunshots and explosions]. We inhabited the persona of Bruce/Tom/Arnold and then tried to figure out why we love him so much. We asked questions such as; Why do we want to be him? Are we allowed to be heroes too, running toward danger, surviving, and looking hot while doing it? Would you trust us to save you? A Resourceful Hero Struggling Against All Odds playfully deconstructed the ‘hero’ and sat in at the intersection of queerness and disability. It was celebration of diversity and visual story-telling.

Creative Producer – Harriet Devlin-Dunbar
Project/Production Manager – Alana Hoggart
Co-creator/Director – Katrina Cornwell
Co-creator/Writer – Morgan Rose
Co-creator/Rawcus Ensemble – Clement Baade, Harriet Devlin, Joshua Lynzaat, Kerryn Poke, Rachel Edward
Sound Designer – Daniel Nixon
Visual Designer – Emily Collett
Design Assistant – Xasha Chua-Huggins
Technical Manager – Justin Gardam
Stage Manager – Vivienne Poznanski
Rawcus Artistic Director – Kate Sulan
Rawcus Executive Producer – Jacque Robinson

St Martins Youth Arts
Co-creator/Performers – Alice Qin, Isaac Edwards, Hattie Elliott, Ben Goss, Belle Hansen, Summer Metcalf, Oscar Nelson-Smith, Maya Sandon, Ruben Waters, Vito van Hout
Assistant Director– Cassandra Gray
St Martins Artistic Director – Nadja Kostich
St Martins Acting Executive Director – Kirstie Ellem

Support and Access Team
Rawcus Ensemble Artist Support – Rachel Edward
St Martins Ensemble Artist Support – Alice Qin
Co-Creator/One on One Artist Support – Cameron Waters
Auslan Interpreter Team – Kirri Dangerfield, Sarah Field, Gus Bagger
Deaf Interpreter & Access Consultant Team – Danni Wright, Catherine Dunn, Sam Martin
Audio Description – Nilgun Guven