Rawcus Engagement Program

Rawcus seeks out opportunities to connect with the sector and our creative peers to build capacity, share skills and offer development opportunities and career pathways for diverse artists. The demand for Rawcus to share our methodology and creative practice has increased and is a core offering of the company. 

 Rawcus participates in a diverse range of programs and events, including:  

  • Sector gatherings  
  • Exchanges 
  • Presentations 
  • Teaching  
  • Masterclasses 

 Rawcus supports:  

  • Student placements 
  • Internships  
  • Work experience

Mentorships happen both with individual artists and other companies.  

Key Artists 

Kate Sulan with the Rawcus Ensemble 

Current Engagements:

Regional Mentorship with (It’s No) Drama led by Nilgun Guven with the Rawcus Ensemble 

VCA Teaching led by Kate Sulan with the Rawcus Ensemble 

Company Exchange with Western Edge Youth Arts (WEYA) 


Funders & Supporters 

Creative Victoria