In November 2020, Rawcus was thrilled to premiere Portal.

Portal is an installation based experimental artwork, a pop up respite space to combat anxiety and sensory overload.

Portal is an artistic expression of the sensory needs and objects in our everyday lives that help to soothe and comfort us.

Portal is a place to escape and discover how sensory play can support your sense of wellbeing. Using deliberately organic shapes and textures that are soft and approachable, the installation invites you to explore and activate experiences that are both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding.

Portal invites audience members, with and without sensory sensitivities, to immerse themselves in an arts experience designed to release anxiety.Portal offers a space than can support and sustain us.

Portal was designed , created and constructed by theatre maker Jolyon James and Rawcus Ensemble member, Prue Stevenson

This project was funded by the City of Melbourne.

Image: Jolyon James