PORTAL is an artist-made interactive environment, a pop up respite space to combat anxiety and sensory overload.

PORTAL explores the concept of sensory rooms, which people with autism use to support them through meltdowns, through an artist lens. Portal invites audience members, with and without sensory sensitivities, to immerse themselves in an arts experience designed to release anxiety.

Informed by the experience of members of the Rawcus Ensemble who experience anxiety and sensory overload, this is a space filled with choices to imaginatively engage and escape.

PORTAL brings together theatre designer Jolyon James and Rawcus Ensemble member, autism advocate and visual artist, Prue Stevenson, to design and construct the environment and experience.

Rawcus is thrilled to welcome audiences to PORTAL when it opens to the public in November 2020 at The Atrium in Fed Square.

This project is funded by City of Melbourne.