About Portal

Portal is an immersive installation, a pop-up respite space to combat anxiety and sensory overload. It is a large tactile fabricated tent-like sculpture and invites audience participation.  

Portal explores the concept of sensory rooms, which people with autism use to support them through meltdowns, through an artist lens. Portal invites audience members, with and without sensory sensitivities, to immerse themselves in an arts experience designed to release anxiety.  

Key Artists 

Prue Stevenson with Rachel Edward and Alana Hoggart 

Original Concept and Design by Prue Stevenson with Jolyon James & Kate Sulan


November 2020 – Federation Square 

April 2021 – St Kilda Gardens 

July – December 2021 – Science Gallery Melbourne MENTAL Exhibition 

 Funders & Supporters 

City of Melbourne Arts Grants 

City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund 

Palais Theatre Community Fund 

Science Gallery Melbourne Commission 


Image: Jolyon James