In the Making

In the Making was born out of the global pandemic. The project explored the importance of local places, neighbourhoods and people. It celebrated local artists and the places that fuel their creativity in their neighbourhoods.
The Rawcus Ensemble collaborated with Pia Johnson and local artists in the City of Port Phillip, Darebin City Council and the City of Kingston to create a photographic series. The works were then exhibited in local venues and places

City of Port Phillip
In the Making exhibition currently showing at Theatre Works
Collaborating local artists and workers
Caroline Bowditch, Performer & Director
Adriano Cortese, Artistic Director of Ranters Theatre
Kent Morris, Visual Artist and CEO of The Torch
Mat Vendeville, Marketing & Design at Linden New Art
Sarah Vickery, Theatre Director of PSA Theatre Collective
Lucinda Strahan, Writer in Residence at Linden New Art

Darebin City Council
In the Making Exhibition featured in the FUSE Festival 2022
Collaborating local artists
Candy Bowers
Penny Harpham
Jess Kapuscinski-Evans
Neda Rahmani.

City of Kingston
In the Making Exhibition featured as part of Big Break
Collaborating local artists
Andy Ding
Deanna Dixon
John Eslick
Uncle Greg Muir
Heather White