Richard Vabre

Associate Artists
Lighting Design

Richard Vabre is a freelance lighting designer who has lit productions for MTC, Malthouse Theatre, Victorian Opera, Windmill Theatre, Arena Theatre Company, NICA, The Darwin Festival, Stuck Pig’s Squealing, Chambermade, Rawcus, Hit Productions, Red Stitch, Polyglot, Melbourne Worker’s Theatre and Aphids Awards: Richard has won 4 Green Room Awards including the Association’s John Truscott Prize for Excellence in Design (2004).  He has also been nominated for 5 other Green Room Awards.

Rawcus Productions: Sideshow (2004), Boxset (2004), Not Dead Yet (2005), Collisions (2005), Hunger (2007), Heart of Another is Dark Forest (2008), Another Lament (2010, 2012), Small Odysseys (2011)