Kerryn Poke

Rawcus Ensemble

Age 36

I came from Davenport, Tassie, 1980, when Mum had me.

I joined Rawcus 2003.

Holding little house-Small odysseys 2011

2016 Present Tense

2015 Catalogue and a visit to London in April

2013 Shadow Tales

1987 I started Kingsbury Primary School

1984 Kinder early age 4

1985 I started dance. Age 5

2003 I started work Age 23. I got a new uniform blue shirt, skirt and pants

2015 wrestling with Danni

I am an actress

I became John Farnham’s Fan Club member

Click here for a video portrait of Kerryn

Rawcus productions: Sideshow (2004), Boxset (2004), Not Dead Yet (2005), Collisions (2005), Hunger (2007), Heart of Another is Dark Forest (2008), Small Odysseys (2011), Catalogue (2015)

Rawcus Public Program Projects: Rawcus at Artplay (2006), Emporium of Treasures (2012), Imagine Me There (2012), Shadow Tales (2013)