Clement Baade

Rawcus Ensemble

Clement Baade started his acting career at St. Martins Youth Centre back in 1991 as the Director’s right hand person. He joined Rawcus in 2000, he is also a Peer Facilitator/performer for FOG Theatre. In the year 2010 he performed in “A Brief History About my Body” at Victoria Collage of the Arts.

Click here for a video portrait of Clem

Rawcus productions: Flight (2000), Designer Child (2002), Born Rawcus (2003), Sideshow (2004), Boxset (2004), Not Dead Yet (2005), Collisions (2005), Hunger (2007), Heart of Another is Dark Forest (2008),  Another Lament (2010, 2012), Small Odysseys (2011), Catalogue (2015)

Rawcus Public Program Projects: Rawcus at Artplay (2006), Sticky (2009), Cherish (2010), Accessible Flashmob (2011), Imagine Me There (2012), Shadow Tales (2013), Singular (2014), Portraits (2014), By You Me and the Light (2015)