Harriet Devlin

Public Program Producer
Rawcus Ensemble

Harriet joined the Rawcus Ensemble in 2016. A performer, theatre maker and teaching artist, Harriet specialises in physical theatre and inclusive practise. Harriet has toured extensively as a performer both nationally and internationally with critically acclaimed Brisbane-based physical theatre company, Zen Zen Zo. Companies Harriet has worked with across performance, production and directing, include: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (London), Australian Theatre for the Deaf (Melbourne), St Martins Youth Arts Centre (Melbourne), Women’s Circus (Melbourne), Australian Theatre for Young People (Sydney), Arts Access Victoria (Melbourne), The Delta Project (Melbourne) and Polyglot (Melbourne).

Harriet has facilitated many arts projects with diverse communities and groups across Melbourne, and is currently Lead Artist on The Playground Project, a partnership between at St Martin’s Youth Arts Centre and Stonnington Youth Services. She is a confident Auslan-user, and feels lucky to have been welcomed into the Deaf community. Believing that the best art is inclusive and bigger than the ordinary, Harriet is committed to making work that is challenging both for audiences and for artists creating the work. She is really into yoga. Sometimes she wears Activewear.

Rawcus Productions: Song for a Weary Throat (2017) 

Rawcus Public Program Projects: Fanaticus Melbourne Fringe (2017)