Paul Matley

Rawcus Ensemble

I am a man with a big heart. A respected, caring, supportive Rawcus member who explodes with emotions and encourages the enthusiasm of others. I am protector, keeping them at bay in heart and spirit. I am open to opportunities in the future like being a facilitator and teacher and an actor actor.

Rawcus productions:  Hunger (2007), Heart of Another is Dark Forest (2008), , Small Odysseys (2011), Song for a Weary Throat (2017 &2018) Glass (2021)

Rawcus public program projects: Rawcus at Artplay (2006), Sticky (2009), Cherish (2010), Accessible Flashmob (2011), Emporium of Treasures (2012), I Am (2015), In our Shoes (2016), Fanaticus Melbourne Fringe (2017,) Encounters (2018), Symphonic Sites (2018), Becoming (2018)