Michael Buxton

Rawcus Ensemble

Michael is the main hero for the people. He saves lives from dangerous traffic jams causing life and death.

His life saving work can be his job in the future and making sure the people are safe and go home.

Michael has the ability of strength, power to help the people who wanted help the elderly and pregnant women.

In his job, Michael will always be around to save the day and to all the people in the city.

He is number one in the sun. A true hero

Click here for a video portrait of Michael

Rawcus Productions:  Small Odysseys (2011), Catalogue (2015), Song for a Weary Throat (2017 & 2018)

Rawcus Public Program Projects: Accessible Flashmob (2011), Imagine Me There (2012),  Shadow Tales (2013), Singular (2014), I am (2015), Portraits (2015), (it’s no)drama ( 2016), No You See Me (2016), In Our Shoes (2016), Fanaticus Melbourne Fringe (2017), Encounters (2018), Becoming (2018)