Michael Buxton

Rawcus Ensemble

I am the actual leader of the pack in the Rawcus family and friends and like to help out with directors and artists.

I have experience with jobs and being a film actor and being part of other theatre companies.

Click here for a video portrait of Michael

Rawcus Productions:  Small Odysseys (2011), Catalogue (2015), Song for a Weary Throat (2017 & 2018), Glass ( 2021)

Rawcus Public Program Projects: Accessible Flashmob (2011), Imagine Me There (2012),  Shadow Tales (2013), Singular (2014), I am (2015), Portraits (2015), (it’s no)drama ( 2016), No You See Me (2016), In Our Shoes (2016), Fanaticus Melbourne Fringe (2017), Encounters (2018), Becoming (2018)