Swann Biguet

Rawcus Ensemble

Swann Biguet (they/them) is a physical performer originally from Paris and based in Naarm/Melbourne. They became interested in the performing arts after being blown away at a street theatre festival in France in 1998 and consequently studied circus for 3 years, focusing on object manipulation, contemporary dance and physical theatre. After almost a decade training and performing in Europe, they came to Australia in 2008. They have since performed and taught with various companies and organisations, including the Women’s Circus, Compagnie Articulate, Travel Art Dance Company, The Contingent, Circa Nica. Their current interests/areas of development include Butoh, puppetry and movement improvisation. They recently collaborated with Weave Movement Theatre as a stage manager and are part of the Women’s Circus inclusive ensemble, which performed their debut show Momentum as part of Alter State Festival in September 2022 and will perform it again at the Bowery Theatre in November 2023.