Rachel Edward

Rawcus Ensemble

Rachel is an inclusive arts practitioner who has been involved in the arts since 1990 as a performer, writer, singer, director, production manager, photographer and filmmaker. She is dedicated to devising original work with and for people of all abilities and diverse backgrounds. Recent years have found her focusing on her photography and film work, collaborating and making work with a variety of companies, including Rawcus, Inclusion Melbourne, RMIT and Barking Spider Visual Theatre, as well as many independent artists. She is a co-devisor and performer in Short Pants No Holes (Barking Spider Visual Theatre) that was originally created for La Mama for Kids, has been a performer with Rawcus since 2002, is currently the in-house Documenter for SPARC Theatre, Company Manager for City of Voices and the Events and Marketing Coordinator for the Melbourne Neighborhood Centre.

For a video portrait of Rachel click here.

Rawcus Productions: Designer Child (2002), Born Rawcus (2003), Sideshow (2004), Boxset (2004), Not Dead Yet (2005), Collisions (2005), , Hunger (2007), Heart of Another is Dark Forest (2008),  Another Lament (2010, 2012), Small Odysseys (2011),  Catalogue (2015), Song for a Weary Throat (2017 & 2018)

Rawcus Public Program Projects:Rawcus at Artplay (2006) Sticky (2009), Cherish (2010)Accessible Flashmob (2011), Imagine Me There (2012), Shadow Tales (2013), Singular (2014), Portraits (2014), By You Me and the Light (2015), I am ( 2015),  (It’s no) drama (2016), Now You See Me (2016), In our Shoes (2016), Fanaticus Melbourne Fringe (2017), Encounters (2018), Symphonic Sites (2018), Becoming (2018)